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   This is the torino we bought for our father sons restoration projects. Although this one has been put on hold because we have purchased some other cars it will always hold a special place since it is the first one we bought and started to work on together.


Our 1971 Torino
was missing these
parts when we
bought it.

Door Panels
Kick Panels
Arm Rest


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1971 Ford Torino

     This is a picture taken the day we brought our Ford Torino home. We bought our 1971 Torino in Kansas City and brought it home on May 17, 2010. We weren't ready to start on it immediately. We first had to build a garage so we had somewhere out of the weather to work. We have our work cut out for us on this Torino. The hood, grill and headlight assembly are gone. The driver's side quarter panel is completely rusted out. The passengers side quarter panel is in much better condition than the drivers's side but will still need to be replaced. The driver's and passenger side floor pans are completely rusted out. We will be replacing both floor pans. I was able to find replacement floor pans and partial quarter panels on ebay. Our Torino has a 351 Cleveland engine and a C4 transmission. The Toroino has factory air and power front disk brakes. Below are some pictures of our 71 torino as we work on it. We will cut out all the rusty metal and replace it with new metal.