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Torino Parts

     Although there are several places to buy new part there are also some good used parts available. Ebay and craigslist among others can be a good place to look for quality used parts.


It can be
a little more
diffucult to
locate Torino
parts but there
are still plenty
of quality parts


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Restoration Links

     Although Torino's are a very popular muscle car, parts can be hard to locate. Below are some links to companies that I found useful in our restoration process. These companies have a pretty good selection of Torino parts and restoration supplies.

Autokrafter Link Dearborn Classics Link
AutoKrafters is a great supplier for your Torino Parts. They carry many parts for all the different years of the Torino. For a large selection of parts for your Torino and other Ford cars Dearborn Classics is a great place to shop.
Autokrafter Link Dearborn Classics Link
Macs has alot of the parts you will need in your restoration process. They often have specials on parts that they will email you about if you sign up for email notifications. Eastwood doesnt carry torino specific parts but they carry alot of the shop supplies and items you will need to help with a professional restoration.