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1972 Ford
Gran Torino

     The Gran Torino was yet again another new body style for Ford. It was more of a slight adaptation of the two previous years than it was a full blown restructure.


The Gran Torino
was first
introduced in 1972.

The Gran Torino
is often
Grand Torino


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Gran Torino

1972 Grand Torino

     The Gran Torino which is often mis-pronounced Grand Torino was introduced in 1972. Although prior to this year Ford had put the emblems GT on the torino's it did not stand for Gran Torino. Ford used the GT logo's on many of their other car models including the popular Mustang. The 1972 Torino was the first year for the car to wear the Gran Torino badge.

      In the mid to late 70's the popular tv series Starsky and Hutch featured a Torino similiar to the one pictured above. This popular show made this body style very desirable for those faithful viewers. The Torino was again introduced in the Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino. This made the popularity of these automobiles rise recently. Many people that have only seen these cars in movies or on tv often refer to ALL of them as Gran Torino or Grand Torino even though they are not all named that.