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Ford 1971

    The 1971 torino was a continuation of the great body style that Ford introduced in the previous year. Ford continued to offer it in the various body styles and had another great year of sales with this fantastic body.


The 1970 Torino
had some suttle
variances from
the 1971.

marker lights


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1971 Torino

     The 71 Torino has the same basic body style as the 1970 Torino. The Ford Fairlane also was the same body style as the Torino up until 1970 and this was the last year for the Fairlane. The 1971 torino had a different grill than the 1970 did. The front marker lights were also a different color between the two years. The 1970 had clear lenses with amber bulbs while the 1971 had amber lenses with clear bulbs. The hoods were interchangable between the two years but the 1971 Torino had a grill approximately 5 inches by 15 inches toward the back edge and in the center and the 70 did not. For the 1970 and 71 year models the hoods were interchangable between the 4-door, hardtop, fastback, and ranchero models as long as you dont mind if it does or does not have the vent. Althought, there are some other slight differences these are the main/more noticable ones.

Torino GT grill
Torino 500 grill

     The top picture above shows tha standard grill for the 1970 Torino. The bottom picture is the standard grill for the 1971 Torino. The 1970 grill is considered the more desirable grill of the two. It is very common to see a 1971 with a 1970 grill because most people thought it looked better. There are more grills available than just these two. The Cobra model had a grill of its own and it is probably the best looking one of all. There was also the option to have hideaway headlights. Although this option is most commonly seen on the convertible models it was available by special order on any of the models.