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Ford 1970

   1970 was an exciting year for the family of Torino cars. The introduction of a new body style brought on a new interest in this classic american muscle car. The Torino GT and the Torino Cobra models were very popular with hotrodders.


The Ford Fairlane
and the Torino
were the same car.
1970 was the
last year for
the Fairlane


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1970 Torino

     The 70 Torino was an introduction of new body styles. Arguably this new body style is the best of the torino bodylines. There are many that may say the 1972 and later body style as seen in Starsky and Hutch or the Gran Torino Movie was a better style but it is only a slight modification of the 1970 and 1971 bodystyle. The 70 and 71 body was a drastic change from the previous body. The late 60's standard bodystyle was very box shaped and didn't have that American Muscle Car look that people were seeking at the time. This may have very likely lead to Fords redesign of the body shape.

1968 Torino

     This 1968 formal Roof Torino pictured above should give you a feel for how the previous body style looked.

Ford Torino

     Above is a 1970 Torino GT and is a prime example of what the new body style looked like. As you can see the new body style has much more of that muscle care feel and is much more intimidating then the previous models.