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1970 Torino

1971 Torino

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     The Torino was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company from 1968 to 1976 and was produced with a variety of engine sizes. Ford offered a smaller engine for those concerned with fuel efficiency and a larger engine for those interested in power and performance.


The Torino came
in various models.

4 door sedan
4 door station wagon
2 door hardtop


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The Ford Torino

1970 Torino GT

The Ford Torino is a great american muscle car. It is very popular with car collectors and hot rodders all over the world. Collectors like the fact that dispite the Torino's popularity they are not a car that you see on every street corner like the chevelles and camaros. The Torino had many different body styles and each style was typically used for 2 years than the next new style was introduced. The 1970 Torino and the 1971 Torino are among the most popular of the body styles that Ford used. The body style of these years have the big muscle car look that many people are after. Combine that with the variety of motors that were offered in the Torino and you have yourself a successful car. The 1968 and 1969 fastback Torino is also a very popular automobile. The 1972 Gran Torino was made popular by the Gran Torino movie that was made in the last decade.